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TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit – Suits TPI models 150/250/300

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ECU reflash is highly recommended and mandatory for 18/19 bikes product is here

If you already have a TSP map on your ECU choose this discounted reflash here

This is the new style kit and no longer needs the air temp sensor moved into the airbox which makes installation easier. See picture below for suggested location.

The TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit combines the best of TPI with the best of TBI in one package.

Our kit moves one injector to the intake and leaves one injector in the stock TPI location. We also offer custom ECU mapping which allows us to deliver the best of both worlds… the smoothness on/off the throttle of the TPI combined with the power and reliability of the TBI setup. This kit allows you to run premix, or you can continue to run the stock oil pump. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware for a simple installation… including fuel hose, hose clamps, an injector blank (installed in the right side of the cylinder) and a 3D aluminium printed injector mount. You will need to disassemble the stock fuel line and utilise some of the existing components, however there is no modification required so it can always be put back to stock if necessary.

It is very strongly recommend to install this kit with a TSP TPI re-flash to take full advantage of the relocation benefits. With your ECU, we have control over the injector phasing which will drastically improve the smoothness & reliability of your TPI bike. The fuel pooling in the video example cannot be changed unless we change the ECU mapping. We also have access to fuel, ignition and oil maps to make the bike much more responsive, smooth and predictable, while offering more power over stock.

Customers who have previously purchased a TPI power kit that want to purchase this injector relocation kit, we will be offering the ECU re-flash update at an significant discount to these returning customers. A re-tune is normally priced at $385inc GST, but this will be offered for $150inc GST for customers who already have our TSP tune on their ECU.

To run premix you will need an ‘oil pump delete kit’ which includes a loom & other block-off bungs in case you want to remove your oil tank. If you require this please tick the above box to add it to your order.

A very important key note: 2020-on Models can run this safely without a re-tune, but it is highly advised to update to the IRK tune to get the most smooth, reliable and responsive package.

When you have placed an order:

If you are getting a retune please ship down your ECU to us as soon as possible. We generally require an ECU in house for 2-3 working days before we ship it back to you on express post with the rest of the items on the order.

Please ensure you include your name on your ECU and/or the box you send your ECU so we can match it up in our system.

Please see a full video below on the benefits and why we have changed to this new design. It will have some technical detail including engine videos explaining what we can achieve and why we are doing it.


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150TPI, 250/300 (2018-2019), 250/300 (2020-2023)

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