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TSP Head insert – suits TSP Billet Head for Yamaha YZ250 and YZ250X 1999-on

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** If your model head is the older two piece design, this will not suit. This only suits our new design head as seen in the second picture **

This listing is for the insert only, it does not include the head!

This is the listing to buy additional compression inserts to suit your TSP YZ250 head from 1999 to current models with the removable compression insert design. The new head was designed for the intention to easily change the head inserts to suit different riding situations, while offering them at a cost effective price.

This insert will come with the inner o-ring required.

LOW COMPRESSION: YZ250X ONLY: This Low comp design is the same comp ratio as the stock 250X model head but with a much better design. It gives much better bottom/mid and much better part throttle response. It is the design we normally suggest for the X model at sea level.

MEDIUM COMPRESSION: This Med design is the same as we have been selling for the standard MX model for years. It is actually lower compression than stock but gives much better throttle response and smoother, crisper power delivery. It is suited the the standard YZ250 model at sea level and for high level MX where the engine is revved hard.

HIGH COMPRESSION: This new design is roughly the same compression ratio as the stock YZ250 head but with a much better design. It gives much more bottom/mid power than stock, plus higher peak power. It doesn’t rev out as far as the Medium design. It is best suited to trail-riding, off-road racing and MX where the rider wants max bottom/mid.

Compression Ratio

High Compression, Low Compression, Medium Compression, Very High Compression

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