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TSP ERM Power Kit ‘ suits all KTM ‘Group’ 150TPI models

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The TSP ERM'(ECU Re-flash Module) Power kit!

This will suit all 300TPI KTM ‘Group’ models from 2020-2023 (KTM, Husky & GasGas Models)

2018-2019 models will be a separate listing and will be released very soon!

This package will transform the power delivery of your 2020-on TPI, it includes the following:

  • A Handheld touchscreen ERM device which comes with a free downloadable TSP ECU Tune to suit your bike & relevant TSP modifications (For a full breakdown of this product’CLICK HERE)
  • A Billet TSP machined cylinder head in Low, Medium, High or Very High compression ratios (see the bottom of the page for explanation)
  • Cylinder head o-ring & washer kit (Included in every TSP head or insert standard)
  • A new NGK spark plug, better heat-range suited to the improved power the engine makes with this kit
  • TSP Idle bolt mod package (Bolt and Spring) so you can set your idle speed correctly after setting your air screw

This package intends to replace our current ECU re-flash service, meaning you no longer have to post in your ECU. This means no down-time on your bike! Further to this, you now get a handheld device that has the ability to show live data, read and clear fault codes, data log, make fuel/ignition/oil changes (with Pro or Pro+ mode activated) plus much more! The ERM also alo comes with a mount kit so you can have it mounted to your handlebars, or it can be used handheld and easily kept in a toolbag.

This package makes an astonishing difference to the TPI, and when you download your free TSP Map to your bike on your ERM device, you will achieve:

  • Much more torque at low/mid revs, where you need it most, with a nice increase in power higher up in the rev range as well.
  • Drastically improved 0-1/2 throttle performance
  • More oil than the stock maps for improved reliability
  • 2 ignition maps: Hard and Soft. The stock map switch works like normal to select between the customised maps, or you can use our TSP Map switch. The hard map is our standard ‘full tune’, while the soft map is designed for really soft inputs in harsh conditions, or deep sand riding to help protect your engine.
  • Much smoother, crisper power deliver at part throttle.
  • Much less ‘pipe bang” this is the annoying ‘dang, dang, dang’ noise the engine makes on deceleration. Its generally harmless but very annoying and makes some stock TPI bikes unpleasant to ride at times.
  • Safer air/fuel ratios at high rpm and large throttle openings so the engine is safer during prolonged high speed running
  • Better throttle response
  • You can ride in a higher gear with lower revs in many situations and use the extra low end torque to get you places with less wheel spin and much less clutch work
  • Ability to tune/adjust your own oil/fuel/ignition maps with our Pro or Pro+ Modes.

There is no risk to reliability with this setup! The ignition maps, air fuel ratios and combustion chamber designs are similar to those we have run very successfully for years.

In order to have the skills to adjust the stock ECU data, we have spent hundreds of hours developing our own process for accessing, changing and reloading the ECU data. TSP was the first to develop a tuned package for the TPI bikes and we have years of experience testing and tuning fuel injected 2 strokes prior to the release of the TPIs in 2018. Now we have achieved a product that puts the power literally in your own hands!

The ERM unit pairs with your standard ECU,’ and all ECU features work normally including oil injection, fan and warning lights.

We supply fitting instruction plus recommended settings for the air screw and power valve preload.

Combustion chamber designs:

  • LOW COMP ‘ this head and ECU tune was designed to suit extreme enduro riding or for riders who are more interested in smoothness over power gains’ it offers strong bottom end torque with a very smooth delivery that wont break traction too easily. It enables the rider to use lower revs and less clutch when tackling hard obstacles. The low comp design also offers maximum resistance to overheating in tough situations.
  • MEDIUM COMP (Best Seller) ‘ this head and ECU tune suits the majority of trail riders and racers who want better bottom and mid power and a small gain up top as well. The power delivery is much stronger and more tractable than stock and suits a wide range of riding conditions. Suited to 95 or 98 RON fuel (approx 89 or 91 in the USA).
  • HIGH COMP ‘ this head and ECU tune suits riders who want harder hitting power everywhere, especially down low. It completely transforms the TPI into a weapon. Also suited to normal trail riders who live at higher elevation. Best with 98 RON fuel at sea level (approx 91 in the USA). Not suitable for extreme enduro due to the increased tendency to overheat in very tight, technical riding near sea level.
  • VERY HIGH COMP ‘ this head design suits very high elevation riding above 1500m or 4500ft. When used at the appropriate elevation it will give similar results to the Medium or High Compression heads near sea level.
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