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Flywheel Weight – KTM Husky GasGas TBI / TPI 250 / 300

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Flywheel weight developed with the Jarvis Race team, handmade right here in Wales.

KTM Husky 2024 TBI 250 / 300

KTM Husky 250/300 2017 to 2023 EXC TE TPI

GasGas 250/300 2021-2023

In low traction conditions a flywheel weight can assist the rider in making the most of the available engine power by giving more control / not excessively breaking traction or ‘spinning up’.

Flywheel weights will not add any torque or do anything other than moderate the speed that the engine ‘spins up’.

This is the same flywheel weight that we have developed in our racing program which gives the best balance between traction and not making the engine feel too lazy and slow in response.

We are choosing not to publish the actual weight as there has been some expense in the development which we’d like our customers to enjoy exclusively. We are happy to supply specific weights if needed.

If you don’t have a flywheel puller you can get one here. (not necessary to install but does make it easier and useful to have)



Weight 0.2 kg

EXC TE 250/300 KTM Husky 2017-2023, EC 250/300 GasGas 2021-2024, 2024 TBI 300/250

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