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KTM/Husky 85-300 TSP Offset Flywheel Key – Suit Carby Models

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The TSP offset flywheel key when installed correctly, advances your timing to enable you to have power benefits of an aftermarket CDI, without the cost!

A inexpensive but very rewarding modification to your KTM/Husky 85 all the way to 300 carby models, it suits the following models:

KTM/Husky 85: 2018-on carby models

KTM/Husky 125: 2016-on carby models

KTM/Husky 150: 2016-on carby models

KTM 250-300: 2008-on carby models

Husky 250-300: 2014-on carby models

This modification is mainly to suit enduro riders as it strongly increases bottom to mid power, especially when used in conjunction with our TSP billet head. It will also increase higher RPM range power, but the bike will lose some over-rev which is why we do not recommend this for riders who sit mainly in the high RPM ranges and/or racing.

If you have a 2017-on 250/300 carby bike, we would recommend upgrading to the Keihin 38mm PWK carby to the above two items to get the best bolt on package.

This is not to be used with any aftermarket ignitions and doing so can cause serious engine damage!


Installation instructions/guide below:

Remove the flywheel (you will need the flywheel puller tool – we have this separately on our website), remove stock flywheel key, rotate crankshaft so keyway is facing up, install new key with cutaway to the right (facing the rear wheel). Install flywheel and rotate anti-clockwise until seated against the key. Gently tap with a hammer to seat on the taper, tighten nut to required spec. Do NOT use with aftermarket ignitions!


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