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KTM ‘Group’ 250 EXC/XC-W TBI 2024-On Cylinder Head Insert

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TSP CNC Machined Head Insert for KTM ‘Group’ 250 Models (2023-On)

This CNC machined head insert by TSP is designed for KTM ‘Group’ models, specifically the 250 SX/XC TBI models from 2023 onwards. The compatible models include:

  • KTM 250 EXC-XC/W 2024-on
  • Husqvarna TE250 2024-on
  • GasGas EC250 2024-on

Note: This kit is not compatible with XC, SX, TC, TX, MC, and EX models.

Kit Contents:

  • One (1) cylinder head insert tailored to your specific make/model
  • Cylinder head o-ring and washer kit for straightforward installation

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Throttle Response: Significant improvements across the entire RPM range
  • Smoother Throttle Operation: Provides a more predictable and controlled throttle feel
  • Increased Part Throttle Power: Enhances power delivery, making the ride more enjoyable


  • Can be used with the TSP Cap as a complete head
  • Alternatively, the insert can be used with the stock cap

Compression Options:

  1. Medium Compression:
    • Higher compression than stock with an improved overall design
    • Crisper, torquier engine feel
    • Ideal for trail riders and racers
    • Best for deep sand riding, prolonged high-speed riding, or moderate power gains
  2. High Compression:
    • Maximum safe compression level for sea level using standard fuels
    • Significant power gains from bottom to top RPM range
    • Recommended for most riders for substantial performance improvements, especially with a TSP ECU tune
    • Suitable for use from sea level upwards with normal pump 98 RON fuel

Additional Recommendations:

  • ECU Reflash: For optimal performance, an ECU reflash or purchasing an ERM (Engine Run Module) is highly recommended.
  • Dyno Tested: All TSP modifications are designed and tested in-house on a dynamometer to ensure reliable performance tailored to local conditions.

This TSP head insert kit offers significant improvements in throttle response and power, making the bike more responsive and enjoyable to ride.

Compression Ratio

High Compression, Medium Compression

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