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KTM ‘Group’ 125 TBI 2023-On Cylinder Head

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This Billet Cap and CNC machined TSP head insert suits KTM ‘Group’ models TBI Models 2023-on.’The TSP Head is designed to work with the our base gasket design and gives a big boost to power throughout the rev range.

You will receive one (1) cylinder head & Insert for your make/model, a raised base gasket and a cylinder head o-ring and washer kit so you can bolt it straight on!

Our key TSP Head features are:

  • Improved throttle performance in the whole RPM range
  • Smoother throttle response
  • Improved combustion chamber design that gives more performance from bottom to top
  • Reduced risk of detonation

If you are deciding between our Head/insert or an ECU flash, it is advised that you go for our ECU tune first. The ECU flash will enable larger gains than this insert by itself as the standard ignition curves are quite soft. There are gains to be made by just swapping the insert especially with additional smoothness, but this is best complimented with the ECU flash so you get the most out of the head design. Fitting our ECU Flash and Insert/Head at the same time will offer much better performance gains over stock, and the package can be viewed in our ‘Power kits ‘ TBI’ Section.

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