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CLAKE (LHRB) TWO – Hand Operation Only Kit

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Husky from 2022 and GAS GAS from 2021 use Braketec clutch levers so need the Braktec Conversion kit which includes a compatible‘hose.’


Clake Two Standard (no foot pedal fitted on the bike) control unit, all hoses and fitting are supplied.

4 extra cams are also supplied for tuning.



Clake TWO

The Clake 2 is an easy clutch with reduced pull combined with a hand-operated rear brake. The inside lever operates the clutch only, and uses our special mechanism to have a reduced pull but with no extra lever travel needed.’The outer lever first disengages the clutch, then progressively applies the rear brake.

One of the key advantages of this is its anti-stall nature ‘ every time you apply the rear brake you can’t stall the engine. It is why the Clake 2 has become a very popular alternative to traditional auto-clutches and their drawbacks.

The amount of overlap between the clutch and rear brake is adjustable between acting as a slipper clutch or as an anti-stall feature.’The Clake 2 can improve your riding in a similar way to the Clake SLR but has many further advantages too.

Advantages Of Riding With The Clake TWO

  • The ability to independently operate either the clutch or rear brake.
  • Easy clutch’for less arm pump, single finger use and better grip on the bars.
  • On-the-fly adjuster for clutch disengagement from rear brake use'(anti-stall).
  • Right leg off the peg for stability when braking into right hand corners.
  • Your right foot maintains optimum footpeg position regardless of braking.
  • Leaning the bike over in tight turns over does not affect rear brake access.
  • Effortless transition from rear brake slide to a power slide exit from corners.
  • Much easier to cover the rear brake during wheelies and prevent flipping.
  • Easier rear brake access on steep downhills.
  • More control for advanced techniques such pivot turns.
  • Starts on steep uphills are easier with both feet on the ground.
  • Rear brake access when in deep ruts and tight spaces.
  • Ability to apply rear brake when off the bike e.g. bull dogging’downhill.
  • Brake control kept even if the foot is knocked off the peg e.g. a tank slapper.
  • No stalling if rear brake applied during a jump to bring the front end down.
  • No stalling’or weighting the right peg by jabbing the pedal in’panic stops.
  • Suitable for beginners starting and stopping with both feet on the ground.
  • Ideal for riders with a disability or injury affecting their right leg.

The Technical Side Of The Clake TWO

The Clake 2 uses similar technology to the Clake SLR to achieve far greater performance than other left hand rear brake (LHRB) systems. It also uses the same force balancing system from the Clake One Light clutch to significantly reduce the clutch pull needed.

You can adjust’the degree of’clutch and brake overlap without taking your gloves off, there is also a wide range of cams available that can be used to fine tune exactly how the clutch and rear brake are applied.’All the major components are CNC-machined inhouse from 6061 aircraft grade alloy to maintain the highest quality control standards.

The Dual Control System

There is the option of replacing the rear brake pedal completely, or you can choose the Dual Control system which retains the rear brake pedal so you’change between hand and foot operation of the rear brake seamlessly. Click’here‘to read more about the Dual Control system and see the pricing below.

Warranty & Pricing

All Clake parts are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Clake Two Hand Operation Only ”AUD$1199

Clake Two Dual Control Kit ‘ AUD$1449

Australian customers will need to add GST. For overseas customers a currency conversion automatically occurs in the checkout process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it take long to adapt to the Clake 2′

Riders who have ridden a bicycle before usually adapt immediately to the Clake 2 as they are used to operating a rear brake with their left hand. Others say they needed several hours to adapt.

Do I have to use a single finger on the levers’

The Clake 2 is designed for single finger use ‘ this is the ideal way to ride as it allows maximum grip of the bars. Those who already use one finger on the clutch adapt quickly, many riders want to ride this way but their stock clutch is too heavy. The lighter action of the Clake 2 clutch allows easy single finger use. Riders who would prefer to use more than one finger should look at the Clake Pro Lever instead.

Is the Clake 2 easily damaged’

No but a good pair of bark busters is recommended ‘ a spacer may be required to allow extra room for the Clake 2. The levers are designed to fold out to minimize the chance of breaking and teflon wiper shields protect the internals.

Is it hard to pull the lever in to operate both the clutch and rear brake’

No, the Clake 2 uses a force balancing system to reduce clutch pull, and the rear brake uses the same ergonomics and features of our SLR to achieve excellent braking performance.

Can I transfer the Clake 2 to other bikes’

Yes and the range of cams allows for fine tuning. You will need our hydraulic conversion kit if fitting to a bike with a cable clutch. It is important to match brake fluids correctly when changing over, contact us for more details.

What if the standard setup doesn’t work for me’

When ordering your Clake 2 if you specify your bike model and intended use we install the appropriate internal cams. If you don’t like the setup, contact us and we can advise on cams to suit. These can easily be changed in minutes and cost’AUD $24 each (Ex. GST).

I have small hands, will the CLAKE work for me’

Yes. The Clake 2 is available with different reaches for the lever and again this can be specified when ordering, or altered retrospectively by means of cam changes.

Is the Clake 2 difficult to fit’

A basic knowledge of how to bleed brake and clutch systems is needed, and a vacuum bleeder makes the process easier. A comprehensive installation video is available here on our website. Patience is required as the bleeding process can take longer to fully remove air for the system.

Isn’t the Clake 2 very expensive for something that doesn’t make my bike go faster’

All Clake products are manufactured inhouse to maintain the strictest quality control ‘ we believe this if far more important than reducing the price and quality that overseas production would entail. Clake products are all aimed at providing greater control over your motorbike, allowing for better technique, safer riding, and for many, faster riding too. Clake products can be transferred to your next bike and should be considered a long-term investment in your riding safety and ability.

I’m having trouble deciding if the Clake 2’will suit me best, do you have any advice’

See our’Which Clake’‘page for a brief overview of each Clake product. The designer of all the Clake products, Owen Hutchison, also provides his personal opinion on which Clakes will suit various types of riding and terrain, especially the Clake 2 and Pro Lever which are quite similar in many ways.’You can also click’here‘for a chart comparing all the technical details of each Clake product. Hopefully this information will help you’decide which setup suits you best!

Installation & Fitting Guides

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Part 2:

Part 3:

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